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2022 / Age:6

2023 / Age:6

※We sell NFT only in the OpenSea marketplace. Please note that we do not sell in other marketplaces. 


※Secondary sales are permitted only in the OpenSea marketplace.   


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Open Sea Marketplace


NFT Terms of Use/Contact Form (NFT利用規約/お問い合わせフォーム)


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※We do not respond to individual messages of support. Thank you for your understanding in advance.


※It may take some time to reply depending on the inquiry status and the content of your question. Also, we may not be able to answer your question if you do not provide us with your personal information, or depending on the content of your question. Please understand in advance. 



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The copyright of this NFT belongs to the creator and the Ouka Aiuchi NFT Management and Administration Office, and is protected by the copyright laws, related treaties, and intellectual property laws of each country.

It is prohibited by law for any individual or corporation to use the NFT for any purpose other than those stipulated in the Terms of Use without a separate license agreement.



Please read and agree to the Terms of Use before using this NFT. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the use of this NFT, please contact the Ouka Aiuchi NFT Management and Administration Office.



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NFT Terms of Use

・This NFT is applicable to image data (jpg) and video data (mp4).


・The purchaser of this NFT becomes the owner of this NFT, but no other copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights are transferred to the purchaser.


・Commercial use of this NFT is strictly prohibited.


・If the owner sells or transfers this NFT, it can only be sold or transferred within the OpenSea platform. Please note that the sale or transfer of this NFT on any platform other than OpenSea is strictly prohibited.


・The owner of this NFT may display the image data (jpg) and video data (mp4), post them on websites, and use them as icons on social networking services, etc., but only for personal use.


・In using the image data (jpg) and video data (mp4), it is strictly prohibited to damage the honor, credibility, or image of the creator.


・Regarding the display or posting of image data (jpg) and video data (mp4), it is prohibited to use them for the purpose of advertisement, offensive to public order and morals, content that is or may be in violation of laws and regulations, obscene expressions, or content that is deemed inappropriate by the guardian or the Management and Administration Office. The use of any and all information provided through this NFT is strictly prohibited beyond the scope permitted by law.


・If the owner sells or transfers this NFT, the new owner of this NFT will be the person who purchased or received the transfer. Please note that more than one person cannot be the owner of the same NFT at the same time.


・In the event that the purchaser, the person who received the resale from the purchaser, or any other third party suffers any damage in connection with the purchase, sale, display, or posting of this NFT, the author and this Management and Administration Office shall bear no legal responsibility whatsoever, no matter what the cause of such damage may be.




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